Stream your Live audio to anyone, anywhere

Switch it on and you're already streaming LIVE.
No setup, no servers, no fees.

How it works

LimeStreamer is a simple, low cost box.  Plug in your audio and your Internet connection.   Give anyone your Stream ID (ours is 123 123 123) - they just download the free app and listen live.

If it were this simple... anyone could do it!

Stream any kind of audio

Stream audio from an event, a gig or party, a school, church or other place of worship.

NO complicated setup - really!

Plug in your audio. Plug in your internet. You're already streaming. Totally done.

Truly FREE streaming

No subscriptions, no server charges, a free app. All you pay for is the LimeStreamer green box.

Public or Password protected streams

Your 9 digit Stream ID is how people find you. Give it to anyone you like or even show it on your website, share it on Facebook. If you want to restrict access to your stream, you can easily set a password too.

LIVE (low-delay audio) and high quality too

This isn't your father's streaming. Truly low delay audio ~ expect a delay of only about half a second. And professional quality audio that's the most reliable streaming ever!

No server needed

To start streaming, just plug in, switch on and go - for professional quality audio and reliable streaming.

Want to try it for yourself, right now, for free?

Download the LimeStreamer app for your phone, tablet, car or mobile device ~ and use our Stream ID, which is 123 123 123

LimeStreamer for professional streaming free with no streaming services or server needed    LimeStreamer app -  free, live streams

Need to know more? Get it touch and we'll be delighted to help.