Live Streaming your conferences and events

Now even those who can't attend... can attend.

Project Live stream audio from conferences, meetings and events - no more apologies

PEOPLE HAVE busy schedules and so can't always personally attend events. Whether it's a staff meeting, a trade show or large-scale gathering, getting everyone you'd like to attend to actually be there is a near-impossible task.

For a company, being able to allow your staff to listen in - whether on the road or half-way around the world - means that nobody misses out on hearing that great keynote speech!

Internet streaming for your meeting or conference all in just one low cost box

For industry event organisers or sales and promotional events, you can significantly expand the reach of your event by offering a live audio stream that anyone (that you'd like to) can listen in on from their smartphone or tablet.

For larger events, video streaming is becoming more common - it can be great... but it's costly and still assumes that your non-attending attendees can sit down to watch. An audio stream, whether instead or in addition allows anyone to listen on the move, in the car, or running between meetings.

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“Audio streaming is a much simpler, cheaper and often more flexible and useful solution for audiences when compared with video streams. LimeStreamer is a truly plug and play way to go.”